The blog is baa-aack!

Welcome to the newest set of blog posts. My former sites were: and I stopped posting in September, 2017 when the photo capacity filled up. Our daughter (a technical expert) helped me get this new blog created. So here we go for the rest of 2017 and all of 2018. So excited!

We are George and Karmen Reid. We sold all of our possessions and house in Rochester, Minnesota in 2013 and hit the road. We started with a Honda Pilot and A-liner pop-up camper. We have “graduated” now to a pick up and Airstream. We spent all of 2013-2015 on the road, camping mostly in national and state parks. A goal is to visit all of the national parks that we can. In 2015, we discovered and now do housesitting all over the world when we are not camping. Then, in 2017, we built a “tiny house” in South Texas which we plan to use as base in the winter, while still housesitting and camping.

I will try to post daily, giving an account of our activities. We are in Texas now in our tiny house, hosting friends and relatives escaping the cold. Next week, we will fly to Panama to do a housesit there. We are in the process of applying to housesitting assignments in Europe or elsewhere for spring/summer 2018. Lots of photos to follow!

For our tiny house, I printed these photos of some of our housesitting assignments, and made a collage for some wall art.

Wineglass Bay in Tasmania….Wine-tasting with a delicious snack in central Australia….

A fantastic villa in Abruzzo, Italy….

Minding an organic farm in Northern California, and taking the fruit and veg to the farmers’ market….

Hiking around and exploring the lovely Cotswolds, especially the pubs!

Thanks again for following the blog.

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