Nice to have houseguests

George’s sister and her husband are visiting us from Virginia. Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating. Right before they arrived, we had 75-80 degree highs with lots of sunshine. Today is overcast and cool – in the 60s. The forecast goes back to the 80s right after they leave. Too bad, but we are going to make the most of their visit.

This morning, we attended an educational session at the clubhouse in Retama Village where we lived. The topic was about the sugar cane industry here in South Texas. As part of the harvest, the fields are set on fire. We see smoke all the time around us, so this explained how everything works.

Then, we went to Delia’s Tamale Restaurant, an icon in South Texas. Their tamales are so popular that they are shipped all over the world. It is very popular, with lines going out the door, and policemen in the parking lot guiding traffic. The restaurant is especially busy on weekends when they prepare menudo in addition to the regular tamale recipes. I’m not a fan of tamales, but these are surprisingly delicious. We split a half dozen of chicken in green sauce tamales and a half dozen of cheesy bean jalapeño ones.

In the evening, we had some neighbors over for drinks around the fire pit. Our houseguests are sleeping in the Airstream, and are enjoying that adventure!

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