Rainy, dreary day in Mexico

The weather is certainly not behaving for our guests, Judy (George’s sister) and Dan (her husband). Rainy and highs in the 40s. Not to be deterred from getting around, we went to Progreso Nuevo, Mexico for the day. The crossing is about 30 minutes from our house. After parking the car, we just walk across the border. The only thing required is to put two quarters in a machine!

While Dan, Judy and I ordered lunch, George went to a dentist next door for a check-up and cleaning — $25. We shared an order of taquitos

Then, we walked around the town. It is basically one long street with hawkers trying to get us gringos in to pharmacies, dentists’ offices, beauty shops and bars.

We walked along the covered walkway, just smiling and saying “no, gracias” to all the vendors

We did stop in a ceramics store where they cell beautiful hand-painted goods. It seemed like miles of shelves laden with beautiful goods….

I bought two more glasses so that I now have 4 margarita glasses. The turquoise colors match the decor in our Airstream…

Back home, George grilled dinner on our new BBQ grill. He had to move it to the new shed to keep out of the rain!

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