Sharing the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) with family guests

I’m afraid today was another dismal weather day. Drizzle most of the day with highs in the 40s. Bah humbug! But, we still made the most of it.

George and our guests started the day working out in the clubhouse exercise room while I did an hour’s worth of line dancing. It is fun, even though I’m not very good. After working up an appetite, we went to a local BBQ joint for some “good ole’ Texas barbecue.

George and I split some ribs. The side dishes were charro beans (very popular here) and fried okra. Very tasty!

In search of things to do inside, we visited a famous shrine here called The Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle. We learned that 20,000 pilgrims flock here each weekend seeking a miracle for their problems. Here is the virgin saint…

The story is that an airplane crashed on the former church located here in the 1970s. Miraculously, no one was injured. It then became a place where people seek miracles. It is a huge church with beautiful stain-glass windows. It is touching to read pilgrims’ requests, and a little weird to see a wall of momentous – like abandoned crutches, military uniforms, and wedding dresses.

Back home, we joined others for a Christmas sing-along in our community clubhouse.

It was a very nice evening.

I’ve been cooking Tex-Mex food for our guests this week. Tonight I made fajitas from steak George grilled on the BBQ. Muy rico!

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