Our tiny house artwork

Although we spend most of the time on the road either traveling in our Airstream or house-sitting, we do spend a few months a year in our new tiny house that we just built.

When we retired in 2013, we sold everything except what would fit in our Honda Pilot and our pop-up camper. So, all the artwork had to go. We gave a few pieces to our daughter, but sold most of it in garage sales. Now that we have a tiny house, we need some art for the walls.

Cute story — last spring we had a fun housesitting assignment in rural Brittany, France. There, we took care of 2 cats and 21 chickens. The homeowner is an artist. After we finished the assignment, the homeowner bought 2 baby lambs as pets and “lawn mowers” She liked us quite a bit and named the lambs Karmen and George! She painted a picture of the now-grown sheep as well as some of the chickens that we fed. We mounted and framed them, and hung them above our bed….

We did retrieve 3 prints from one of our daughters. The big one is a sketch of a farm scene in rural Japan, painted by a Japanese friend. We lived near the scene of the sketch when we were first married, in 1976. The smaller two prints are Japanese wood-block prints originally from George’s parents who lived in Japan in the 1950s. These are hanging on the wall in the living/dining room area…..

I made a collage of photos from some of our favorite housesitting assignments all over the world….

These two prints are on the main wall in the living/dining room area. It is fun to decorate, but we are determined not to buy too much “stuff”!

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