Getting lost in Panama

LOCATION: Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: Fairly hot and humid. High about 85. Forecasted rain, but just stayed cloudy

Our homeowner left this morning for his trip. Mac, our dog, started acting lethargic and puny. We were worried about him. He didn’t seem interested in food, treats, or his walk.

We took off exploring, in the general direction of some shops and the metro. We walked and walked, and finally found someplace for lunch. It was a “locals” hole-in-the-wall, served cafeteria style. Today’s menu was mostly different kinds of chicken. We picked the roasted chicken thigh with rice and plantains. We shared it at $3.75.

Then, we did a bit of shopping, looking at for some shorts for George. No luck. The currency here is US $. The prices seem to be fairly comparable to the USA. So far, not cheap.

We decided to take a different route home, and that was a mistake. Too bad I didn’t wear my Fitbit today. We must have walked at least 5 miles. We had to stop several times to ask directions back home. I was a bit nervous as we had left the instructions on how to get to the apartment back home, and did not have the address with us. But, we live near a park and I could ask people how to get to that park. We also got ourselves into an area without sidewalks and had to cross 6 lanes of highway traffic. A few kind souls stopped to let us by, but there was still quite a bit of honking!

Mac started to perk up in the afternoon. We ate well, and enjoyed his walk. He must be getting used to us.

Our homeowner is a bachelor and must not cook at all. We went to the supermarket to buy coffee-making tools.

Dinner was more of the Mexican food we bought last night – we bought too much, so tonight it was the leftover tacos. Pretty good.

About 7:00, the Christmas decorations came on in the park below us. The music started blasting, then the fireworks started going off….

Thank goodness everything quieted down at about 9:00. A good first day in Panama!

One thought on “Getting lost in Panama

  1. carol in seattle/vegas

    A visit to Panana is a great way to start off your new blog !
    Glad to be reading of your adventures again.

    p.s. will you be putting an archive / calendar to the side so we can pull up specific days?
    And tell us more about the new Airstream.


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