Old Panama

Continuing our trip on the Hop On/Hop Off bus….

The next place where we disembarked was Old Town, Panama City. It was built in the 1600s. It has been declared a UNESCO Heritage site, and is undergoing lots of renovation. Construction everywhere. We walked through some dreary areas, then found the nice bits.

Many of the buildings are really decrepit and you wonder why they are still standing. This is a “before” look….

Then you see the “after” results….

The area is full of cute shops and restaurants. George wants to buy a Panama hat while he is here…

Back on the bus, we had lovely views of downtown Panama City from the causeway leading to some nearby islands…

Back home, we took care of Mac, then went grocery shopping at our nearby market. We bought a take-and-bake- pizza for dinner. Our homeowner, a bachelor, doesn’t have much in his kitchen; he must eat out all the time.

The lovely day ended by listening to the Panama Symphony practicing in the park below for an upcoming Nutcracker performance.

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