The Panama Canal – Wow!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: About 90 and humid. Overcast with a 5-minute PM shower

Today, the maid and her brother came to clean the house. The arrangement is for them to clean the house on Fridays, including taking a walk with Mac our dog during the day. This means that Fridays we can be gone for longer periods of time. So, we decided to do the Hop On/Hop bus. We waited for it in front of our condo. Our building is 48 stories tall, and we are on the 31st flor. This is the view of the apartment from the bus stop, along with the Christmas tree decorations….

We got off at the Panama Canal. We watched a movie (in Spanish) about its history and walked through a museum learning a lot of interesting things. The canal is about 50 miles long and it takes boats about 8-10 hours to go through, as they have to negotiate the locks. It costs the big cargo ships $800,000 to go through!

After the tour, we had an absolutely perfect lunch in the canal’s visitor center restaurant, appropriately called “The Atlantic and the Pacific”.

We shared a platter of mixed ceviche – raw baby octopus, clams, shrimp, and red onions in a spicy lime cold broth.

We ate outside, overlooking the original locks

Back on the bus to our next destination….More to follow!

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