Getting to know our way around Panama

LOCATION: Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: Hot (90) and humid.

Yesterday, we bought a 48-hour pass on the Hop On/Hop Off, so we are using it a lot to get our money’s worth. We planned our trip today and waited at the bus stop for our bus. This colorful one (not ours) came by….

Our first stop was the area’s largest shopping mall. I easily got my 10,000 Fitbit steps in. It is a popular place, and of course, crowded for the holidays. We stopped in a Conway Store (Panama’s Target -even with the Target logo) and bought a few things.

Then, back on the bus to a drop-off stop at an island connected to downtown via a causeway. We had a drink at the marina, admiring the yachts.

You can see Panama’s skyline in the background. One of those tall buildings is our condo; another one is a Trump Tower.

For lunch, we had corvina (sea bass) ceviche and grilled octopus, Greek-style. All very good.

Back on the bus with a drop-off in front of our condo.

For dinner, we bought 3 fresh tamales from a lady selling them at the market. They are different from Mexican tamales. More cornmeal; less meat. They are wrapped in plantain leaves and tied up in a string. We split a pork one and a chicken one. There were some strange things hidden in the cornmeal — olives and raisins. Pretty good.

Then — our evening’s treat. The Nutcracker Suite was performed on a stage in the park below our condo. We sat outside and listened to the Panama Symphony Orchestra. Then, I took Mac for a walk in the park and glimpsed some of the ballerinas. A nice culture fix!

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