Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!

LOCATION: House-sitting in Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: Hot (90) and humid.

Speaking of weather, the temperatures here do not vary much throughout the year. There are 2 seasons: the wet and the dry. The dry season starts now, the end of December, so we should have fairly pleasant weather here throughout our stay.

We spent a quiet Christmas day, mostly in the apartment, as everything is closed. We took Mac, our dog, for several walks in the park. Here we are in the park in the morning…..

Then, in the afternoon walk in the park, there were just a few people strolling around. Mostly kids learning how to ride their Christmas-present bicycles and roller skates.

We had a fairly traditional Christmas meal — rotisserie chicken, dressing and Lima beans. We splurged and paired the meal with a nice bottle of dry champagne.

We listened to Andy Williams sing Christmas songs on YouTube….

Fun fact — my piano teacher was Andy’s aunt and she had photos of him all over her studio. She waved at me one time from the TV audience when she attended his Christmas show.

After dinner, I took Mac for his final walk of the day in the park. It was absolutely wall-to-wall people. It must be a custom to stroll around the park after the day’s festivities. Mac enjoyed all the glorious smells ……and garbage.

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