A visit to the fish market

LOCATION: House-sitting in Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: Same – Hot (90) and humid

Our responsibilities here at the housesit are to walk Mac 3-4 times a day, feed him morning and night, and play with him when he fees like it. So, today after his breakfast and first walk, we headed out for today’s outing.

Our destination was the city’s fish market. We walked along the avenue in front of our house that parallels the Pacific.

The fish market was about 1.5 miles away. We knew we were getting close when we started smelling fishy fish.

These are the boats that go out for the fish. They were unloading some as we got near. They look pretty rickety.

Next to the market is a large outdoor eating area with about 10 different restaurants. Each had a hawker in front of it waving menus and trying to get customers in. We walked to the end where it was quieter and randomly selected a restaurant. This hawker said we would get a free ceviche with our meal, if we ordered an entree. There weren’t any tourists. All the other customers were fishermen and people just hanging out.

We ate our complimentary fish ceviche (very good) with an ice cold Panama beer called Balboa. It is only good when it is really cold.

Our entree reminded us of a seafood-type poutine (think Canada). It came to us sizzling on a hot cast iron skillet. It was a layer of French fries (although we could have selected rice, yucca or plaintains) covered with octopus, baby shrimp, clams and fish pieces, along with green and red peppers, all in a creole sauce. $12. It was quite tasty.

While we were eating, various vendors walked around, selling their wares. One guy had a bunch of jewelry. Our waitresses were quite keen…..

Then after lunch, we wandered around, finding the fishermen’s stalls where they were cutting up huge fish, then the market itself. These filets are corvina (sea bass) and red snapper.

And here is a big red snapper being weighed – at $4.00/pound.

It was too hot and our tummies were too full to walk back home, so we caught a taxi.

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