Getting to know our neighborhood

LOCATION: House-sitting in Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: Hot (90) as usual. Strong, but brief rain shower in the AM

We stayed around our neighborhood and apartment today. We are in a nicely-appointed 48-story condo. The lobby is decorated nicely…

We checked out the amenities floor, including a quick dip in the swimming pool…

Along with the pool, there is a squash court, children’s play room, meeting room, workout room, sauna and a golf putt-putt course.

Mac was happy that we stayed with him most of the day..

As I walked him, he wanted to “do his business” right in front of this sign!!!

We had lunch in a Greek restaurant next door. We learned that the Spanish word for gyro is yeero, just the way it is pronounced. In the late afternoon, we discovered a very authentic Irish pub not far from our condo. We chatted with some British customers. On our way home, we enjoyed the Christmas lights along the boulevard..

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