Experimenting with Panama’s public transportation

LOCATION: Housesitting in Panama City, Panama through http://www.trustedhousesitters.com

WEATHER: Hot (90) and humid again.

After morning chores with Mac, our dog, we headed out for the day, planning to try different modes of transportation. We first tried to catch Uber from our condo to a brewpub. It didn’t work, as our wifi is limited. We stood in the hot sun for about 15 minutes, then gave up. Then, we hailed a taxi. He had just picked up another passenger and asked us if we wanted to share. Since we weren’t in a rush, we said ok. We had already negotiated the fare ($4), so we didn’t mind the drive all around the city.

The brewpub was pretty cool. Its name is the Rana Dorada – the Golden Frog, which is a highly poisonous frog in the nearby rainforest.

We each had a beer (IPA for me; Porter for George) and a sandwich. We got directions for the metro (subway) and took off walking. At the metro, we bought a ticket that will be good on the subway and busses here. We just have to add money to it periodically. We boarded the subway and rode it to the end, the national bus station, for $.25 each. (At this rate, the card will last quite a while!).

The bus station is massive and chaotic. There are busses going in all directions, including to Costa Rica, all parts of Panama and to the Darian Province, the death zone between Panama and Columbia. There was absolutely no signage, but we were able to find our bus by asking helpful policemen.

Our destination was the BioMuseum. For 25 cents, we rode about 45 minutes to the Peninsula where the museum is located.

The museum is fairly new, and is brilliant. The young guides, eager to practice English, gave us an informative narrative along the way.

Then, time to go home. We hailed a taxi, and I negotiated the fare down from $10 to $7. The cabbie was not too happy, but it was probably an act.

Before bedtime, I walked Mac in the park in front of our condo. I, along with about 5000 other people, enjoyed the Christmas lights….

One thought on “Experimenting with Panama’s public transportation

  1. carol in seattle/vegas

    Love the lights !
    you’re certainly more daring than I am with public transportation in a foreign country.
    Are you finding that locals who must deal with tourists have picked up enough English to get by?

    Cant say that Panama is somewhere i want to go but i’m enjoying your visit !


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