Being tourists in Panama

LOCATION: Housesitting in Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: Hot with occasional rain showers

After getting Mac settled for the day, we figured out the bus route to Old Panama (not to be confused with Old Town Panama). The buses do not have any numbers. They just have a sign showing their start and stop point. So, if your stop is on the way, rather than the final stop, you have to ask. After several inquiries, we hopped on the right one. For $.25, we got a nice 30-minute ride around the city.

Old Panama is the site of the original city, built in the 1500s. Ruins like these are all that is left, after a pirate sailed in and burned down the city.

It was lunch time, and there was nothing around this area. So, we hopped on a bus going in the direction of our condo, thinking we would just get off when we saw a potential lunch area. One stop was interestingly called “Jimmy”. I looked out and saw Jimmy’s restaurant, so thought that might be a good spot.

It turns out that this is a popular restaurant for locals, and has been around for many years. Jimmy was a Greek guy so the menu was Panamanian and Greek. We had Sancocho, the most typical Panamanian food. It is a beef, or in our case chicken, soup with a chunk of yam in it. The yam is nothing like American sweet potatoes – more like a yucca.

We can check that one off our “to-eat” list. . George has a cold, so it hit the spot.

In the evening, we had reservations for a dinner and show at a typical Panama restaurant. We shared an order of empanadas, another typical food (another list check-off), and sea bass with beans and rice. George had a glass of Panama rum (for medicinal purposes for his sore throat).

The show was quite good. It was definitely touristy, but most of the tourists were Spanish-speaking.

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