Relating to sloths and poisonous frogs!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: Hot and humid again. Rain showers

We were a little “slothful” this morning, doing internet stuff and playing with Mac. After lunch, we figured out the bus again, and for $.25, made it to the main station and then transferred to another bus (free) to our destination. Today’s jaunt was to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

It is rather small, and all the guides were eager to practice their English. First we saw an exhibit on Panama’s poisonous frogs, most of which are endangered.

The most famous is the Rana Dorada, Golden Frog, which is also the name of a microbrewery here. We had previously bought a Rana Dorada beer t-shirt, so now feel like we can relate to the frog!

The Smithsonian lies right on the bay. These pilings are what is left from a building that housed a quarantine area used when the Panama Canal was being built. Many people dying of malaria were housed here.

Then, we were off to see the marine life display. These star fish live in the waters here.

This little guy started following us around, looking for a snack. It is much skinnier and smaller than US raccoons.

Trust me – we did see a mother and baby sloth way up in the trees. As they were unmoving (of course, they are sloths!), the photo just looked like a black blob, so I took this photo of the display

The word in Spanish for sloth is perezoso, which also means lazy. Similar to our word sloth and slothfulness.

From the Smithsonian, we caught a cab with a very friendly driver. We had him drop us off at Old Town. We found a roof-top bar and enjoyed the view. We invited a couple from Vienna, Austria sitting next to us to join us for a chat. We also said hello to 2 couples speaking English. One had a T-shirt on from Wimberly, Texas. We asked him where he lives and he responded “Mission, Texas” – which is where our tiny house is! What a small world!!!

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