Recharging in Panama

LOCATION: Housesitting in Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: Not as hot — 80s

In the morning, we had a Skype interview call with a British couple living near the Adriatic Sea in Italy. They selected us for a housesit, so we have one more confirmed! Yay! It looks beautiful.

We walked to a nearby church that is quite elegant Our exchange student from Panama told us that she got married here

So, after recharging our souls, we walked to the metro station across the street, with the same name – Iglesias de Carmen – to recharge our bus/metro card— adding money to the card so we can continue traveling on the bus/metro.

Then, with souls and bus card recharged we stopped by our favorite pub for a pint. It is called Buenas Pintas — Good Pints, and it lives up to its name. For an indication of their quality, their wifi password is “Budlightsucks”.

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