Like stepping into a page of the National Geographic

Embara Village Indian visit continued….

We walked around the village, up and down muddy paths. The lady escorting us was barefoot, as are all the villagers. The stones, mud and ants on the path did not bother her at all. She took us up to the highest building in the village, the school. They are very proud of this.

As we were walking around, it started raining. The little children following us covered up with one of these bright cloths, the ones that women use for skirts.

Then, the villagers performed some dances.

You can see that the women have elaborate tattoos all over their bodies. The design of the tattoos are symbols of the jungle. They use a big seed that creates a black ink for the tattoos. They last about 10 days, then paint them again. The women are bare-breasted with beautiful handmade necklaces.

The men played drums for the dancers

After the dances, they gave me this “crown” as a symbol of their hospitality.

The children are darling

The canoe’s pilot brought his daughter along for the ride.

Note the man’s intricate tattoos..

What a wonderful day!!! We feel really fortunate to have. been able to do this. I highly recommend for anyone visiting Panama to do this tour. Our guide was superb.. He had lived with another Indian tribe for several years, so was very empathetic. He told us a lot about their lives, customs,, gentleness, and issues when they try to live in cities.

2 thoughts on “Like stepping into a page of the National Geographic

  1. Tony Scott/Jenny Rooseboom

    Wow, looks like a fun trip. we did something similar in Borneo back in 2006…it was interesting to see how the natives live.


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