A day of planning

LOCATION: Housesittng in Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: 80s and humid

We spent the entire morning planning some of our Europe/England housesitting travel arrangements. It took hours to finally find an inexpensive flight, but we did it! We will fly to Rome in early March to do a housesit. We’ll take a train from Rome to the town where we will be housesitting, about 3 hours away to the northeast. After the housesit there, we plan to take the train to England. We have a 2-week gap between the 2 assignments, so we have applied to another housesit in Geneva, which will be on our way by train. We’ll see! I have to write everything down as the arrangements and reservations get a bit complicated.

We also reserved one last tour for here, this one a boat tour in the Panama Canal. We’ll do that on Monday, Then, we leave on Wednesday. The time has gone by quickly!

After a morning’s work, we headed to the bustop to go to visit a tap room.

We’re getting to know our way around much better. The tap room is in an industrial park. It had a nice atmosphere.

This translates as Casa Bruja — witch’s house. Respeta a el lupulo = Respect the hops, their logo. George tried their stout; I had their black IPA. Very good.

Back in our neighborhood, this guy was juggling flaming torches so that the people in the intersection will give him money…quite the entrepreneur.

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