Room with a View..

LOCATION: Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: Need I repeat? Hot and humid

Today is our last full day here. We did a Skype interview with an Irish couple living in Geneva and they selected us for a housesit there this spring. Yay!

We will miss this lovely view of the Pacific from our living room’s deck..

Out there in the bay are lots of ships waiting to go through the Canal. We learned that they are not waiting their turn. Rather, they are waiting for their “time”. Each ship reserves a time slot, months in advance. They have to arrive at least 24 hours before their appointment. They have to prepay….in cash!

We realized that today is a holiday, Martyrs’ Day. It is the day Panama remembers the Panamanian students who were killed when they tried to put up the Panama flag in schools in the US-controlled Canal Zone. We watched parades go by chanting and singing. It was a bit of a mob scene. Sort of scary. Not sure if it still anti-American.

The crowd rallied near our place, in front of the President’s condo, with lots of shouting.

Then, we love sitting on the deck for AM coffee and PM drinks, when the temperature is pleasant. Mac likes it, too!

A final goodbye to Panama with a lovely sunset..

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