Flying back “home”

LOCATION: Panama to. Mission, Texas

WEATHER (in Mission): Nice – 70s

We missed talking with our homeowner. He was scheduled to return at 7:30 PM last night, but his flight was delayed 4 hours. So, he arrived in the wee hours, when we were sleeping. Mac continued to sleep in our room, which gave us a good feeling.

We had to get up at 4:00 AM in order to catch an early morning flight. The airport was a zoo. As with most flights, there were good and bad things…

Good – United “upgraded” us to exit row seats on the flight to Houston. The little bit of extra leg room was nice, but certainly not worth paying for. International flights to Central America no longer provide meals, so we luckily had brought tuna sandwiches for the 4-hour trip. Also good….we were scheduled to have a 6-hour layover in Houston. We stopped by the United desk in Houston and they were able to get us on an early PM flight. It was nice to get home early.

Bad — TSA. On one of the THREE security checks, they confiscated my tweezers and non-pointy finger nail file, both of which have gone through numerous TSA checks in the past few years all of the world. Even more maddening is that they took our only souvenir from Panama, a (less than 3-oz) bottle of tasty hot sauce.

I guess if we were terrorists, we could have thrown it in the pilot’s eyes or something.

After a lunch layover in Houston, we arrived in Mission where a kind Retama Village neighbor picked us up. All good back in the house and Airstream.

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