Rainy, quiet New Year’s Day

LOCATION: Housesitting in Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: In a word……rain

It rained all day and since most of the shops are closed for the holiday, we just hunkered down and spent most of the day inside. I think that made Mac happy. He slept at our feet most of the day, as we read and did computer work…

It was a productive day, as far as making future travel arrangements. We applied, and were accepted, to an assignment through http://www.trustedhousesitters.com in late June, 2018. This means that we now can firm up other plans….

Mid-March – hopefully a housesit in Europe

Late March – mid-April — confirmed housesit in North Yorkshire, England

Mid-April – Mid June – applying for assignments in Europe. We have applications out to Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta, and Switzerland

Mid-June – fly home to Texas to pick up the Airstream

Late June – early July – confirmed housesit on the Atlantic Coast in North Carolina – take the Airstream

July -October – Head north with Air Stream, camping in New England, along St Lawrence River, Quebec, Ontario, Labrador, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Mid-October – Make out way back to Texas via Minnesota or Michigan

We had beans (for good luck to start the New Year) and rice for lunch.

We walked Mac several times in the park right below us, when it wasn’t raining. Here is the view of the park from our balcony…

Then, George made pre-dinner cocktails. The homeowner does not have much in the way of a kitchen, but has lots of great glassware!

Happy New Year!

LOCATION : Housesitting in Panama City, Panama

WEATHER: Hot, humid and raining

So much for the dry season! It absolutely poured all day today. We stayed inside most of the day, other than to walk Mac in between downpours. Mac sleeps a lot, but gets excited when I start preparing his meals. He dashes around with his stuffed animals….

We sent New Year’s wishes to friends and family. In Spanish, there are 2 “n’s in the alphabet. One is the regular n and one is with a squiggly mark above the n, called a tilde. They have different meanings and pronunciations. I have been wishing people “Feliz Ano Nuevo”. I should have been writing….

Feliz Año Nuevo – with the tilde

Our daughter Alexis, whose Spanish is better than mine, pointed out that without the tilde, I’ve been wishing people “Happy New Anus” !!!!!!!

It was a quiet day, We listened to a podcast on Minnesota Public Radio — my favorite cooking show host did a farewell program….

We grilled hamburgers and shared a bottle of champagne. George got a bit crazy…

We didn’t make it until midnight. Must be 12:00 in some time zone!