Off Again!!

LOCATION: Austin, Texas airport

After a short stay at our tiny house in Mission, Texas, we are off again for 3 months housesitting in Europe.

We enjoy Retama Village, a 55+ community where we live in (very) South Texas for a few weeks each year.

While we were here for a week or so, George went on a charter fishing trip to the Gulf of Mexico to catch some red snapper.

There was quite a flurry of excitement with illegal aliens running through our development. Border Patrol was hot and heavy, chasing on foot a group of 6 while our neighbors sat outside and watched the event over cocktails!

We are on our way to Rome. Tickets were a fraction of the price departing from Austin, 300 miles from Mission. So, off we went this morning with a rental car. On our way out of Mission, suspiciously driving a run-down cheapo rental in the wee hours of the morning, a Border Patrol pulled up behind us, turned on his bright lights, and followed us until he decided we were ok. Very annoying.

We fly today from Austin to JFK, then tonight on to Rome.

We will spend tomorrow night in Rome in a hotel near the train station, then take a train 200 kms to Iesi where our first housesitting assignment is, in the state of Ancona.

We’ll be in Europe for 3 months. Our schedule is…

* Housesitting northeastern Italy

* 3 free days in Bologna and Parma

*Housesitting in Geneva

* Housesitting in North Yorkshire, England home of All Creatures Great and Small PBS)

* Housesitting in Herefordshire, England

* A week cruise on a sailing ship around Italy, visiting Croatia and Montenegro

* Housesitting in Bordeaux, France

* Fly home in early June

Stay tuned!

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