Caio, Roma!

Arriving in JFK from Austin was a real culture shock. It seemed almost like Ellis Island. The international terminal only has 12 gates. This is what Trump calls a “3rd World Airport” in the US. The manual, digital departure board lists interesting cities for departure….Casablanca, Berlin, Oslo and Rome (our destination)

After a 7.5 hour flight, we arrived in Rome. We took the train into the city. At the Rome central terminal, we got taken advantage of. First, we were looking to book our ticket for tomorrow’s trip to our housesit in the country. The town has two spellings – Iesi and Jesi. As we were trying to figure this out, a “helpful” guy came up to help us. He did, but then asked for a tip. A five euro tip was insulting, he said. Then, we went to find our hotel. We knew it was close by, but it was raining and we were too tired to walk. We stopped at the taxi station, where a seemingly helpful guy said it was too close to go by taxi but he would direct us there. We walked quite a ways with him, and I finally told him we could go the rest of the way on our own. He was angry with our 3 Euro tip. By then, it was raining hard. We stopped at a hotel and asked for directions to ours. It turns out that the guy took us in the wrong direction. After a quick taxi ride, we found our hotel. Really nice.

After showers and a rest, we went out for an adventure. We found a great pizza place for dinner. It was a white pizza with mushrooms and sausage.

So warm and cozy. Great evening. An early night tonight, and tomorrow, an early morning train ride to our housesit.

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