Arriving at our first assignment for this round of housesits

LOCATION: Housesitting in Cingoli, Italy

WEATHER: Spring-like. Sunny. High about 60

Even with jet-lag, we slept well at our hotel in Rome, ate a great breakfast at the hotel, then took a cab to the train station. Typical Nervous Nelly Karmen-style, we arrived at the station way too soon. Our train wasn’t even posted on the departure board for about a half hour. When it was posted, we walked and walked and walked to our train.

We rode the train for 4 hours, through tiny villages and farmland. We could see snow on the mountain tops. The red star is the location of Cingoli.

The homeowners picked us at the train station, and we drove to their home through vineyards, and olive trees, and past ancient farmhouses. The town of Cingoli is one of Italy’s hill towns.

Our house is in the country. It is huge. The owners have converted the bottom floor into an apartment to use as an AirB&B. We are staying in it. Wonderfully comfortable. They live on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The owner took us for a ride in the car to show us some of the nearby villages. George will be using their car, so he practiced driving. 6 gears! The roads are incredibly narrow, and since it has rained recently, have ruts and pot holes. We won’t be driving at night!

The owners invited us to their upstairs house for dinner. They are a delightful English couple. We had a super evening with them.

The house is several hundred years old. Our apartment on the first floor was once the stables. The 3rd floor was food storage. Years ago, the inhabitants hung their Parma cheese and hams to dry on the top floor. The owner showed us where the fat dripped from the cheese and ham, staining the floors. What character!

The house is huge — 7 bathrooms! We met the cats, our 2 charges while we are here. We know that this will be a great assignment.

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