Enjoying the Italian country life

LOCATION: Cingoli, Italy

WEATHER: Drizzle in the AM; mostly sunny in PM. High about 60

We cozied up inside, out of the drizzle, George finishing up income tax returns, and I plotting our route for this summer:

From here, we will go to Bologna and Parma for a few days “R&R”, then on to Geneva for a housesit. Then, to England for 2 housesits – one in North Yorkshire and one in Herefordshire. After England, we fly to Ghent, Belgium to meet up with our fellow traveling friends, Tony and Jenny, for a week. Then, zip to Rome to pick up a sailing ship cruise around Italy – Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Montenegro, Croatia, ending in Venice. We will enjoy the sites of Venice for a few days, then hurry up to England for a housesit in Gloucester. Then, our last housesit in Bordeaux, France with a few days free at the end for some wine tours around the area. Back in Texas in early June. Sounds great!

When it cleared up in the afternoon, we took a walk around the countryside. The landscape is so beautiful.

DINNER: I repurposed the arroncini (the leftover pork skewers from our restaurant lunch the other day) by adding it to a thick tomato sauce with mushrooms and bell pepper, and served it over some ziti pasta. I picked some herbs from pots around the house. Molto bono! Time to go shopping, though, as we have gone through most of the leftovers.

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