A day in the Italian countryside

LOCATION: Housesitting in Cingoli, Italy

WEATHER: Spring-like. High about 60

We stayed around the house today, playing with the cats and working on our Bologna trip. Every day, spring shows itself more and more. There are a lot of buds on the trees.

The homeowners have a few olive trees, and they told us that they press their olives every fall, producing a huge vat of olive oil which we have been enjoying.

We took a walk, part of the 5-mile hiking circle that the homeowner walks regularly. The hills are very steep. It is incredible that the farmers can drive their tractors on these steep slopes. As in Abruzzo, where we housesat last year, the cows are all kept in barns, rather than in the fields. We were told that one reason is that they would fall down these steep hills, if they were left outside!

Our farm house is out in the country. From it, we can see two hilltop towns. These walled-in towns were built on tops of hills throughout the countryside in medieval times for protection against others.

DINNER: Another yummy Italian meal. We started with steamed artichokes (a different kind from last night’s meal). Main course was a creamy risotto with different kinds of mushrooms and fresh green beans. Bonisimo!

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