Exploring another ancient hilltop town

LOCATION: Housesitting in Cingoli, Italy

WEATHER: Mostly sunny. Windy. High 60

Today we visited another medieval hilltop town, Treia, about 10 kms from here. As with Cingoli, it is a walled city perched up on a mountain top.

We walked around the town, which was very quiet. Not much seemed open. Treia’s big claim to fame is its summer festival when locals re-create a Renaissance-era sports game on this street below…..

As portrayed in this mural, the players toss some sort of ball using this huge piece of metal strapped around their wrists…

The plaza in the main square displays one of the metal wrist things as a flower vase…

We walked all around the town looking for a place to eat lunch. The few restaurants we did find were only open for dinner, so we left. On our way home, we stopped in a kind of truck stop. It was late (2:00 ish) and most people had already eaten. We watched a long stream of customers come in, belt down a quick coffee, and leave. We shared this good flat bread

Back home, we watched a DVD, “Tea with Mussolini” which was really good.

DINNER: We warmed up a sausage stew that the homeowners had left us and I served it with some of the leftover risotto. With only a few days left here, we will need to eat up our “bits”.

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