Everything Parma…

LOCATION: Bologna, Italy

WEATHER: Overcast but no rain or snow. Highs 40s

Today was our day to explore Parma, about an hour from here by train. The trains here are totally covered with graffiti…

We visited the main cathedral in Parma, built in the 1100s…

Inside, all of the walls and ceilings are covered with intricate frescoes, some painted by famous artists.

Then, the reason we came to Parma……to eat!

We found a little bar/cafe and ordered “prosciutto crudo di Parma e scaglie di Parmagiano Reggiano”. Parma Ham with slices of Parmesan cheese aged 24+ months. It was very good.

Back at the hotel, we spent some time working on our transportation and hotels for the next segments of this trip…..

Housesitting in Geneva – March 22-29

Housesitting in Yorkshire, England – March 29 – April 11

Housesitting in Herefordshire, England  – April 13 – April 22

Vacationing in Ghent, Belgium – April 22- April 28

Cruise around Italy, Montenegro, and Croatia – April 29 – May 7

Vacationing in Venice – May 8 – 10

Housesitting near Wales May 11 – 21

Housesitting near Bordeaux May 22 – 30

Fly back to Texas June 2

We went to the beer bar next to our hotel where we had been the other night. The waiter/owner welcomed us back with hugs. After a good Italian craft beer, he helped us reserve a table at a pizzeria nearby. The pizza was delicious and HUGE. We split one, and still have leftovers for tomorrow’s train ride to Geneva. We watched customers at another table where each person ate an entire pizza himself. At another table, they split a pizza, then had a second course! Unbelievable.

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