A spectacular train ride through the Alps

LOCATION: Housesitting outside outside of Geneva, Switzerland

WEATHER: Sunny, but cool. Highs in 50s

We caught a fast train from Bologna to Milano, a one-hour trip, traveling in speeds up to 295 kms/hour (185 mph). Wow! Our train was a bit late, so I was (of course) worried about our connection in Milano. All went well, with 20 minutes to catch the next high-speed train to Geneva.

From Milano, we stopped in about 5 towns along the way, but otherwise, we sped through northern Italy and southern Switzerland. Our first stop was Stesa at Lake Como. The famous tourist area of Bellagio is here. It is breathtakingly beautiful…

There is still quite a bit of snow in the Alps. We followed Lake LeMan, often called Lake Geneva for many miles.

We arrived in Geneva after a very pleasant four hour trip.

Once in Geneva, we had to find a local train to go to the homeowners’ small town station. We only had 15 minutes, and our train had arrived a few minutes late in Geneva. We were a bit perplexed as nothing was in English. (This is the French-speaking section of Switzerland). We also did not have any Swiss Francs, and could not locate the ATM. Thankfully, with only minutes to spare, we bought tickets using a credit card and jumped on the train. We met up with the homeowners as planned.

We will be here about a week. This is a young family, with 2 teenagers. The family are Irish. The man works at the United Nations. They are going to Ireland for a week’s holiday. We will be taking care of Ollie, an Australian Shepherd, a cat, 3 gold fish and a hamster.

We drove around the area to get us acquainted with nearby towns and the neighborhood. We are only about 5 miles from the French border. The homeowner showed us the supermarket where they shop in France, as it is much cheaper than in Switzerland.

DINNER: The homeowner prepared a lovely chicken dinner for us. We chatted at the dinner table and got oriented for our stay here. It will be really nice to explore this part of the world.

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