Exploring our new Swiss area

LOCATION: Housesitting near Geneva, Switzerland

WEATHER: Sunny. Cool. High 50

George took the homeowners to the Geneva airport and we started settling in.

We took Ollie, the dog, for a nice walk around the area. A lady was outside gardening and she greeted me in French. All I could understand is that she looked at Ollie and said “magnifique”.

As you probably know, Switzerland is not a part of the European Union, and it does not use Euros as its currency. So, we went to our nearest little village, Coppet, to try to find an ATM to get some Swiss francs. It is a cute town, right on Lake Geneva.

The architecture looks so Swiss!

It has its castle, as do most towns here. I think it is a museum and event center now.

Then, to France (1 mile away) for lunch and shopping. We found a cute place for lunch and shared a platter of sausages. Then to the supermarket for shopping. So fun to buy different French foods and wines. In the deli section, I sampled different types of pate’. Nice to be able to buy a small amount. I bought a chunk for 1 Euro., plenty for the 2 of us.

DINNER: Pate’ and a baguette as an appetizer. Main was some meat pasta left over from the homeowners. Dessert was some Swiss yogurt, quite different from what we get in the USA.

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