Dog-walking in Switzerland

LOCATION: Housesitting near Geneva, Switzerland

WEATHER: Sunny and crisp – highs mid 50s

We took Ollie, our Australian Shepherd charge, on a walk. The spring flowers are starting to pop up.

Next to our neighborhood are fields full of apple trees. We learned that the apples are used to make a local, specialty apple brandy.

You can see Lake Geneva and the mountains in the background.

A bit farther down are some vineyards. We were surprised at how much wine is made here, but we’ve learned that most of it is consumed in Switzerland, and very little is exported.

In the distance (on the right side) you can see Mont Blanc in the high mountains, home of the famous ski resort of Chamonix.

After the walk, we rested – ALL of us!

Today is our 42nd anniversary. We will celebrate tomorrow by taking a drive to a village that is supposed to be picturesque. Tonight, we celebrated with a bottle of French champagne!

DINNER: Last of the leftovers that the homeowners left for us — chicken with mashed potatoes. I added some veg and a salad.

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