Just like (Swiss) clockwork!

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Geneva, Switzerland

WEATHER: Partly cloudy. Highs in 50s

Today was our day to explore part of Geneva, about 10 miles from our house.

We picked up the bus right outside our neighborhood, and it took us to our nearest Swiss town. We got off the bus, followed all the other passengers, and climbed aboard the train to Geneva. All very efficient – the busses and trains are timed so that there is no waiting and no rushing.

After a short ride in the comfortable train, we disembarked at the main Geneva terminal. We asked for directions to get to the United Nations building. They told us which tram to get on, which we did, but then we realized we were going in the wrong direction. No problem. We just got off and turned around. We had bought an all-day pass, so it was very convenient to get on buses, trams, and trains all day.

This is the iconic symbol of Geneva, in front of the United Nations building, called the Broken Chair. It symbolizes opposition to land mines.

This is one of the UN buildings…

We timed it just right – getting one of the last tickets for the 12:00 guided tour. On the tour, we learned a lot about the work of the UN and saw several chambers where they meet.

Here is Delegate George making some momentous decision……

We also visited the Red Cross Museum. Very well-done, but a bit overwhelming.

Then, we found another tram to the old section of town. We stopped for a drink and to absorb the neat atmosphere. Then, back on two different trams to the train station, train to our village, where the bus awaited us for the short ride back to our neighborhood. Everything went just like clockwork!

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