Last day in Switzerland

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Geneva, Switzerland

WEATHER: Cool and dreary. Drizzle most of the day

Today was our “do nothing” day, as we had read the weather forecast. It was a good day to stay in, read a book, and prepare for our next leg of the trip.

Ollie, our dog, got a little cabin fever. Here is tiny Rocky the cat (under the chair) teasing big Ollie.

When we housesit, it is always challenging to figure out electric appliances. Here, the brands are German so all the signage is in German. I figured out the “cotton” cycle on the clothes washer. I was amazed that it took 3 hours to wash! Then, we couldn’t get the clothes to dry. Even after an hour, they were wet. Then, we realized that a signal was flashing. After much deliberation, we realized that this is one of those dryers that doesn’t have an outside vent. Instead, the hot, wet air converts to water and is stored in a plastic container. The problem was that the container was full. After we dumped it, the dryer worked just fine. The dishwasher is also tricky. Unlike the 3-hour clothes washer, the dishwasher was programmed to run for only 30 minutes. The oven looked very complicated, so I didn’t even try.

Switzerland lives up to its reputation of being very tidy, organized and rule-driven. All of the hedges in our neighborhood have to be cut to a certain height. They are trimmed frequently so that there are no unruly branches. This is a view of our backyard with the straight hedge, and the forsythia that is starting to bloom.

I cooked up a storm in the afternoon, preparing a lasagne casserole for the homeowners when they return tomorrow.

DINNER: For us, I turned the remains of the rotisserie into an onion/chicken/vegetable soup. We had one large chunk of bread left from the market. It was turning hard and crusty, so we made it into breadcrumbs for the lasagne and croutons for our soup!

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