An hour hour there


WEATHER: 50 ish and light rain

We did a last-minute round of house cleaning at our Geneva housesit, mostly sweeping up dog hair. Then, we drove to the airport to meet the homeowners who were returning from their trip to Ireland. The airport was full of skiers. We handed off the car to the homeowners, said a fond farewell, then got checked in for our flight…..very convenient. We had lunch in a nice airport cafe to use up all our Swiss francs. We’ll store away our Euros for later in this trip, and switch to British pounds later today.

This was our first time flying Swiss Air, and it was very pleasant. Complimentary drinks and big German pretzels. An easy hour trip. Then a grueling hour wait in the immigration line. At Heathrow. Argh.

We figured out the tube system and took a one-hour ride from Heathrow to central London, near St. Pancras station. It was rush hour and the train was very crowded. It is strange to hear people speaking English.

After getting settled in our hotel, we went in search of a pub for dinner. The one next door was too noisy and crowded, so we found another one, also quite busy. Probably because tomorrow is a bank holiday. We shared a sampler platter (half price Thursdays) with hamburger sliders, small serving of fish and chips, and wild boar sausages. All washed down with lagers.*

Traveling is tiring, so a comfy bed was nice. Our hotel room in teeny…..our Airstream is roomier!

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