Happy Easter!

LOCATION: Housesitting in the Yorkshire Dales, England

WEATHER: Pretty miserable – light rain and overcast most of the days. Highs 42

Today was our day to stay inside, since it is Easter and due to the weather. George made a fire in the wood fireplace, so we were nice and cozy. We watched the baby lambs chase after their mothers in the field behind our house.

We bundled up and walked the dogs through the village. Lots of people were out. We talked to folks in the village square who had stopped at the pub – most with their dogs.

I borrowed the homeowners’ wellies and winter jacket….

I made a typical English Easter dinner – roasted lamb shoulder with vegetables, and a side of Brussels sprouts. I served the lamb/veg mix in a Yorkshire pudding….

I don’t know how it got its name as a pudding. It is a puff pastry “bowl” in which they serve meats. I’m sure it is very sacrilegious to buy a frozen one, as all good Yorkshire housewives make their own. The meal turned out really well..

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