A drive over the Yorkshire moors

LOCATION: Housesitting in the Yorkshire Dales, England

WEATHER: Rainy but warmer = 40s

The homeowner had left us a great local map with recommendations of places to visit. So, after a romp with the dogs, we headed out over the moors (hills in Yorkshire words).

We drove on a narrow, one-lane road over the hills, past fields of sheep, and hills of grouse.

Many of the sheep were roaming on the road, and unfortunately, we saw one baby lamb that had been run over. The driver must not have paid attention to the signs….

The road was lined with ancient rock walls…

We saw more pheasant than we have ever seen before – 100s! Many of the cocks were strutting around with their harems of plain brown females.

About 10 miles later (40 minutes or so), we arrived in a cute market town.

Lots of nice shops and a weekly market in the town square. We scoped out the place and found a nice, warm pub with a roaring fire. We shared a beautifully-prepared steak and ale pie.

Near the town is an abbey from the 1200s

We drove back over the moors. Every time that we encountered a car or tractor, one of us would have to pull over to let the other go by….including this horseback rider…

It stopped raining for awhile, so we walked the dogs some more. They are very well-behaved. I gave them a bone each left from our Easter lamb dinner. They loved them!

DINNER: Lamb stew, with lamb left from Easter dinner.


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