Following the James Herriot Trail

LOCATION: Housesitting in the Yorkshire Dales, England

WEATHER: Sunny! Highs in 50s

Wishing to take advantage of a sunny weather forecast, we decided to drive the James Herriot Trail today. (He, of All Creatures Great and Small fame).

We drove about an hour through the beautiful Yorkshire Dales with sheep and baby lambs in the fields.

The TV show takes place in a fictional town, but actually comprises scenes from several small villages in the Dales. Our first stop was in the town where the Drovers Arms pub scenes were filmed..

In this same town is Skeldale House, where Herriot lived and had a vet practice in the show.

We drove on the one-lane curvy road through the Dales that is featured in the opening scenes of each show.

By now, it is lunch time so we stopped in a pub recommended by our homeowners..

It was very cozy inside, with a roaring fire. Note the dog lying in front of the fire. Most pubs are full of dogs. Many pubs seem to have two sections: one with a stone floor that is more casual and more for drinking (where the dogs generally are) and one that is fancier which is typically the food area.

When we returned home, the lovely sun was streaming into the living room George and the dogs soaked up some rays…

DINNER: Last of the Easter lamb (thank goodness!) I made a kind of stir fry with the veg and lamb with rice.

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