Pubs and grub

LOCATION: Housesitting in the Yorkshire Dales, England

WEATHER: Mostly cloudy, but no rain. High 50

Although Osmotherley, the village where we are housesitting, only has a population of 1500 people, it has 3 vibrant pubs, each quite different.

We went to The Three Tuns with our homeowners the evening before they left. The front part is very informal. It seemed to be a gathering place for local dogs and their owners. The back part has just been remodeled and this restaurant part of the pub offers a very nice decor with upscale food.

Last night, we went to what is considered to be the poshest pub in town. It is pretty small with every nook and cranny filled with people and dogs. Exposed beams, roaring fire, and a French gourmet menu make it a very nice place.

Today, we drove into our nearest town (James Herriot’s town) for lunch. At a local’s recommendation, we stopped at this pub in the country. We shared a ploughman’s lunch. Ploughman is the British way of spelling plowman, a farmer who plows all day and comes in for tea starving. A ploughman lunch is an assortment of cheese with some type of chewy bread (ours was a fresh baguette) along with pickled onions and chutney. This one was very tasty and filling.

Osmotherley has an RV park (called caravan park here) just outside of town. It brings in a lot of tourists, mostly bicyclists and walkers. They fill up the town’s pubs, especially when there is a good football (soccer) game on TV and/or when the weather is not fine. They also give the town’s fish & chip place a lot of business. That was our evening’s menu today. We walked up to the pub next door to the fish & chips place and had a drink. This is the least posh pub in town, and offers a smaller menu. We liked the informal atmosphere. All of the pubs in town are also B&Bs.

The fish & chips (cod and fries) were really good and very inexpensive. We ate the food at home while watching an “All Creatures Great and Small” BBC TV show on YouTube.

The rest of the evening was spent watching the Masters golf tournament on TV. We are especially interested in it as we used to live in Augusta, Georgia.

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