Baa Baa Black Sheep!

LOCATION: Housesitting in the Yorkshire Dales, England

WEATHER: Cloudy. High about 55

Today, we went to a small village in the Yorkshire Dales to go on a scheduled craft brewery tour. The brewery is called Black Sheep.

We have had some of their beers in pubs. We learned that the name is apt. The owner, part of a family that has owned a famous more traditional brewery for generations, left the family do to his own thing. Hence, the name “black sheep”. He wanted to create a smaller brewery and make craft beer. They also wanted to have the word sheep in the brewery’s name as the village is located in a village surrounded by both black and white sheep.

Here is George, saying Baa Baa, anxious to go on the tour…

The tour guide was a little old lady that had worked there for 25+ years, a real hoot. After the tour, we had lunch in their bistro., then walked around the quaint village.

Back home, George fired up the barbecue to grill lamb steaks.

DINNER: Grilled lamb, potatoes and mushy peas. The Brits love these!

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