A Daffodil Day

LOCATION: Housesitting in the Yorkshire Dales, England

WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High upper 50s. Yay!

We took a walk around our village with the dogs. It has such a nice atmosphere. Here you can see that someone has left milk bottles out for the milkman’s delivery…

Our homeowners had recommended a particular valley where the daffodils are famous. Daffodils are everywhere in Yorkshire, and are in full bloom. All the villages have daffodils planted everywhere and homeowners have them in their yards and flowerpots. We hiked a trail called the Daffodil Trail that is part of the Yorkshire National Park. The daffodils cover the river banks. Just lovely. We learned that these had been planted in medieval times, and have now grown and spread all over.

For lunch, we went to an inn run by friars in the 15th century. Inside, there were dark exposed beams and low ceilings. Really neat…

We shared a game pie – a potted pie made with pheasant, grouse and pigeon. It was very delicious, served with a Thanksgiving-taste gravy.

DINNER: We need to go to the grocery store, so tonight’s dinner was a result of what I have left from the last shopping trip. I made a pasta in a cream sauce with Lima beans and tuna. Ended up surprisingly tasty!

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