Best pub in Yorkshire!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Yorkshire Dales, England

WEATHER: Unpleasantly cool – 40s and rain

After being spoiled yesterday with spring-like warmth and sun, we awoke to cold and rain. A lot of people were grumbling. Really a dreary day. Good day for a pub!

We had picked up a brochure listing the best pubs in Yorkshire, so decided to go have lunch in #1. It was about 20 miles from here, through the backroads.

Like many pubs, it has a more formal section like a restaurant, and an informal bar section. We ate in the bar section in front of a nice fire. We had a platter of Yorkshire sausages over “bubble and squeak”. Don’t you just love British names? We still haven’t tried Spotted Dick or Toad in the Hole, but we still have some time here! Bubble and squeak is a potato/cabbage/veg mix that is lightly fried. It got its name from the squeak you hear when you bite into cabbage

Back home, we played with our dogs and watched the baby lambs in the backyard. When we arrived 10 days ago, they were 1-2 days old. We have watched them grow daily. I put on the homeowner’s wellies and went out to try to pet them….

DINNER: Chili. I always make the homeowners a meal for their return. This time, I made a big pot of chili for their return, and we had some, too.

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