Lovely Osmotherley

As we wind up our stay here, I took a few extra photos of our village. It is a town of 1500 people. In addition to the 3 pubs I’ve mentioned that it give it real community feel, there is a village “hall” where community events take place. The villagers organize speakers, exercise classes, book clubs, and monthly movie events.

The 12th century church overlooks the village.

Even though the weather has been dreary for several days, the daffodils and other flowers brighten things up. This neighbor has lots of flowers.

One neighbor sells honey…

And another neighbor sells free range eggs on an honor system. We bought some…

We have really enjoyed our stay here.

We learned that this is how Osmotherley got its unusual name

Fanciful local legend says that Osmotherley was named after the mother of a villager named Oswald or Osmund, who supposedly went out to gather firewood in the winter. When she did not return her son became anxious and went out to look for her. He found her lying in the snow, dead or dying from the cold. Because he was not able to carry her back, he lay down beside her and died himself. It is where Oswald’s mother lies, hence Osmotherley.

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