Sightseeing in Lincoln

LOCATION: Lincoln, England

WEATHER: Another dull day. Cold. Highs in 40s

Lincoln is a very historic town. We climbed up to the highest point in the city to the castle.

We visited the Victorian prison inside one of the castle buildings. We saw the Magna Carta under glass. Then, we saw this Magna Carta next door….

This area is full of shops. To get here from the lower town, you have to climb Steep Street, and it really lives up to its name!

After the castle tour (an hour outside freezing in the bitterly cold wind), we stopped at The Strugglers Inn, site of lots of hangings.

It was very warm inside, with a roaring fire. George talked with this eccentric customer.

We walked around the old part of the city and did touristy things

Then we slid down Steep Street to the marina, an inland port that leads out to the North Sea. These long boats reminded us of our fun time last year when we lived on a canal boat for a few days.

DINNER: We went to a pub looking for dinner, only to learn that their kitchen closed at 6:00! With nothing else nearby, we brought a take-away pizza back to the room.

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