On to our next assignment!

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Cambridge, England

WEATHER: Great! The sun came out. What a difference! High about 60

Our B&B in Lincoln is actually a cafe with rooms. Included in our accommodation fee is a “full English breakfast”. And, I mean FULL! Today we asked for smaller portions as yesterday’s breakfast was way too much food. The cook/manager said that she had served us the small version yesterday! Yikes! So, today we got even smaller portions, about which the cook was concerned that we would go hungry…. HA! Eggs, bacon, hash browns, tomatoes, pork & beans, Lincolnshire sausage and toast.

The owner is away in Spain so this lady is covering for him. She is a real hoot. Over breakfast, she had the TV blaring watching her favorite soap opera, “Coronation Street”. It has been on the air 50+ years.

We had the morning to kill before our train, so we walked around Lincoln some more. What a difference sunshine makes. Things looked so much different. We stumbled across this horse and buggy preparing for a wedding. The Lincoln Cathedral is in the background.

Our train ride route today had several changes. We started on this one-carriage train. All the trains were running late. When we arrived at our 3rd transfer station, our train was going to be 25 minutes late. We calculated that this would result in missing our last connection. We had told the homeowners what time we were arriving, and without a phone, we had no way to let them know about our delay. Thankfully another train came by going in the same general direction. We hopped on and got off in Cambridge. There we were able to catch a smaller train to our destination. Thank goodness, no train conductor asked to see our tickets as they did not match the last 2 trains we were on. With all of that, we arrived only 5 minutes late, and the homeowner was there to meet us.

This promises to be a great assignment, too. We are taking care of two darling dogs, one a golden retriever and one a Jack Russell. And an outdoor cat. The house is out in the country, within walking distance to a village with a pub (nothing else). The house was built in the 14th century as a hunting lodge. We took the dogs for a walk through the fields with the homeowner to get oriented, then ate a delicious dinner with them. They will take off early tomorrow AM, and we’ll be here a week.

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