Country Living

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Cambridge, England

WEATHER: A grey day, but warmer. Highs 50s

This housesit is on a large farm. Our house was built in the 14th century as a hunting lodge. Indeed, there are lots of pheasants, deer, fox and pigeons around. We walked about .5 mile into our village and saw this sign….

We were tempted to buy the pheasants, but the homeowners have left us a refrigerator-full of food to eat up.

In the village, we stopped for a pint at the local pub. Being Sunday, it was crowded with locals eating Sunday roast (an English tradition) as well bicyclists. We’ll return another day that isn’t so busy.

We walked the dogs in the woodsy area near our house and the fields. It is still soggy.

DINNER: Smoked salmon fillets with some leftover veg we found in the refrigerator – pickled beets (George only) and steamed kale.

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