Checking out Cambridge

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Cambridge, England

WEATHER: Much better. Mostly sunny. Very windy. High 60

Today is the busiest day at the estate where we are housesitting. Four gardeners and a house cleaner come on Tuesdays. Since there was a lot of coming-and-going, we took off for the day. The dogs were in good hands.

We drove into our nearest town, then took the train to Cambridge. The historic part of the city, along with all its famous colleges, is about a 2-mile walk from the train station. A good way to get our exercise today!

The train ticket clerk recommended a pub near the water in Cambridge, so that was our first destination. Great recommendation!

Inside the riverside pub, we sat near the water and watched the punters take tourists on the river.

We shared a ploughman’s lunch – with pork pies, sausages, cheese, pickled onion and piccalilli. Yum. Then, a walk around the historic area. This tulip tree is in full bloom, next to a iron fence where posters of all kinds of artistic events are posted

Walking the streets, you hear many different languages. Really exciting and a young vibe with all the students. The downtown square had its market today. Note all the bicycles on the side..

We walked by lots of Cambridge University’s colleges. This is the famous King’s College Chapel.

Many of the old buildings have been converted to shops and restaurants.

Cambridge reminds us a lot of Oxford where we did housesitting last year.

Back home, we walked the dogs. We brought them inside in the evening, as people came to our barn/entertainment center to have a yoga class.

DINNER: Fish cakes with sauteed potatoes. Side of steamed broccoli.

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