Day Four at Sea

LOCATION: Kotor, Montenegro

WEATHER: A bit cloudy. Highs 70s (even though thunderstorms had been predicted)

We docked in Kotor, Montenegro about 7:00 AM. it is quite small – a port city nestled in the mountains.

Our ship’s excursion “Best of Montenegro” left at about 9:30 AM. We boarded a bus and drove about 30 miles along the coast, seeing some beautiful beaches and beach towns. Then, to a mountain village where we visited a museum and learned A LOT about Montenegro’s history.

Then, down down the mountain. The roads are pretty bad, and construction is everywhere. We had to stop for this construction project as they moved pieces of torn-up concrete away.

We stopped at a farmhouse restaurant in a valley where they specialize in making prosciutto. They served us water glasses of wine, prosciutto, local cheese and homemade bread. Really rustic and nice.

From there we descended down the mountain back to Kotor. Our excellent bus driver negotiated 25 amazing switchbacks. It was breathtaking. This view shows the bay below where our cruise ship is docked. Near it is a big (5000 passenger) Princess cruise ship. Earlier today, we learned that the wind blew the Princess ship too close to shore and it got stuck in the shallow water.

As we drove along, the road was very narrow. We encountered 4 French campers facing us. The road was too narrow for both of us. So, they had to back up and our tour guide had to get out to guide our bus and their RVs around. It was amazing to watch.

Our excursion ended in Kotor’s Old City. We found this outdoor cafe at a plaza in front of a 12th century Orthodox Church for a Montenegro wine and beer and wifi. 🙂

DINNER: An outdoor BBQ was scheduled, but it had to be brought inside due to the weather. My least favorite meal so far, as I don’t like buffets. So many of the passengers are very interesting. At tonight’s dinner, we sat next to a couple who had escaped from Cuba.

After dinner we went to the lounge where they played good dancing music. The cute Japanese couple whom we had met at breakfast one day invited us to sit with them. I got the shy girl out on the dance flor for a line dance, and then we pretty much danced every dance from then on. What fun!

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