Day Five At Sea

LOCATION: Dubrovnik, Croatia

WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 75

We watched the ship dock at about 7:00 AM while having breakfast on the veranda on the upper deck.

Then, we took a tender into town to go on the last excursion we have signed up for. This was called “Historic Dubrovnik and Wine-Tasting”.

Our tour guide took us around the Old Town of Dubrovnik, explaining a lot of its history to us. (Interesting that her version of history was a bit different from yesterday’s Montenegro guide’s version). There are many cute alley ways with shops and restaurants. Many have hundreds of steps leading up to other small streets.

This lady is dressed in traditional Croatian dress.

Then, we boarded our bus and headed out of town. We stopped at this scenic overlook where you can see Old Town and our ship anchored in the bay. We were lucky in that ours was the only cruise ship in town. Our guide says that sometimes they get inundated with up to 5 cruises per day, some of which have 3000 passengers each!

One of our stops was to a family winery that makes typical Croatian wines. We started with grappa (not bad) then had a few of their wines with local prosciutto, cheese, olives, and bread.

Our Japanese friend was on this excursion today, too. He looked a little rough today, and I thought perhaps he had drunk too much. He said, however, that he was suffering from seasickness.

Back in town, our ship looked pretty out in the bay with local fishing boats

A special treat was a musical group from town that sang to us in the ship’s lounge. They were excellent.

DINNER: Tonight, we were seated in the main dining room next to a couple from Minnesota! I had steamed lobster tail; George had grilled sea bass. Quite tasty.

After dinner, the crew put on a talent show for us. They are pretty amazing. They seem to work really long hours with multiple jobs. For example, the barista making coffees starting at about 5:00 AM also pours wine at dinner at 8:00.PM. The guy making omelettes to order in the AM also is a waiter at night. They all seem very meek and try very hard to please. Then, at the talent show, these quiet, shy folks got up and belted out songs and got the audience rocking. It was a fun night

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