Day Six at Sea

LOCATION: Docked in Split, Croatia

WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 75

We watched the captain dock the ship in Split’s port.

Although he looks grumpy, he isn’t….George having a nice breakfast on the top deck’s veranda

Today rather than take one of the ship’s excursions, we explored Split on our own. It is an ancient city with Roman ruins everywhere.

The wall surrounds the “old city”.

Like in Dubrovnik, the first floor of the buildings are retail – usually a shop or restaurant. Then the upper floors are where the people still live. I love to see the human side – like this laundry hanging from the upstairs window.

We came across this French guy trying to fly his drone above the ruins to take photos. After the drone was airborne, the seagulls came tearing out of buildings and started chasing the drone. What a hoot!

We learned that the necktie was invented here, so now is a symbol of Croatia. (George says that this is not something that men think we should admire!)

We stopped at this little cafe where we heard the owner singing as he was setting up. Cute

Back in the main plaza, the tourists started overwhelming the city. Time to head back to the ship.

DINNER: We ate in the main dining room again tonight. George had prime rib; I had grilled shrimp. We sat with 2 sour-puss ladies from Florida.

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