Locked out of our room – without clothes!

LOCATION: Hotel Pensione Guerrato, Venice, Italy

WEATHER: Perfect! Sunny. High 75

We had to place our luggage outside our cruise ship’s cabin door by 6:30 AM. So, naturally worrying about oversleeping, I awoke at 5:00. I put George’s bag outside, and then just at that moment, a wave rocked the ship and our cabin door slammed shut. I was all alone in the hallway. At least I had a bathrobe on! Meanwhile, George snores on blissfully. I tried to knock lightly on the door, careful not to wake up our neighbors. Knock knock again. I felt so foolish. Finally, natured called on George and he had to get up to go to the bathroom. Realizing I wasn’t in the room, he opened the door. Whew!

We disembarked about 9:00 AM. It really has been a nice cruise.

Always conscientious about money, we decided to take the public water transport rather than private water taxis, which almost everyone else did, do their fear of traveling independently and the fact that they were lugging around huge suitcases. We got on one boat and traversed by industrial areas, where they were loading boats with goods. We figured out the system pretty well, transferring to another water “bus”.

We found our hotel easily enough and dropped off our luggage. (More about the hotel in another post).

We got our bearings and headed toward Venice’s most famous icon – San Marcos Square. This was our first glimpse of the famous canals..

San Marcos Square is magnificent, brimming with history……and tourists.

The square is lined with beautiful outdoor cafes with musicians playing classical music.

And, of course, everyone HAS to feed the pigeons around the square.

We strolled the back alleys, coming up to gondolas on the back canals. So beautiful!

We found a small cafe where we seemed to be the only foreigners (a rarity). We watched children play in the plaza, then this group of musicians set up and played for an hour or so. How cool!

DINNER: Pizza. A bit disappointing. Really busy, so the service wasn’t very good. All the restaurants seemed packed and it isn’t full tourist season yet!

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